Rafael Berber, founder of RP Capital Group is a specialist in financial investment. He has particular expertise in the emerging markets across the globe. Rafael Berber is known for his business acumen and keen insight into the complex world of finance and investment. Financial profundity and an ambitious mind-set has forged the way for Rafael Berber to unprecedented entrepreneurial success.

Education and Early Career

Interested in the world of finance and economics from an early age, Rafael Berber made the decision to start his education at Tel-Aviv University where he achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Economics. In later years, Berber furthered his education by achieving a Masters Degree in Finance at New York University. He launched his working career in finance with a position at the American investment firm Merrill Lynch. Here, Berber made his mark in the development of the company's emerging market concerns and equity securities. Rafael Berber worked at Merrill Lynch for a period of 16 years. During this time, he gained extensive experience in the market. In his final position at the company, Berber held responsibility for all equity linked products offered by the company. In 2004, Rafael Berber set off on an entrepreneurial venture and became the co-founder of RP Capital Group in the United Kingdom. 

RP Capital Group

The operational base of the independent finance firm, RP Capital Group is located in London, a stone's throw from

Buckingham Palace. From here, a team of financial professionals, led by Rafael Berber, provide advisory services to clients from across the globe. RP Capital Group's interests include public and privately owned companies in a variety of industries and across geographically diverse locations. The company holds a significant presence in the emerging markets field and has vested interests in the Middle East, Africa and in Central and East Europe. RP Capital Group offers an applied approach and a range of investment opportunities. With this, clients are able to develop a diverse and lucrative profile.

Charitable Ventures

From 2005, RP Capital Group and Rafael Berber have been involved with numerous charitable activities, mainly in education and youth development. Beneficiaries include the Prince's Trust Invest in Futures Committee and Debate Mate.

Founded by Prince Charles, the Prince's Trust creates programs with the aim of improving the lives of young
people in disadvantaged areas where poverty and unemployment are everyday realities. Programs developed by the Prince's Trust consist of educational incentives that involve skills training and also applied assistance with the purpose of maintaining motivation and cultivating optimism. The Trust also provides much needed financial help. The goal of the programs is to equip these individuals with skills that will ultimately help them to secure careers that will enhance their lives in the long term.

The educational charity Debate Mate provides a similar life enhancing service by facilitating after school debating clubs in poverty stricken areas. The aim of the Debate Mate is to encourage disadvantaged youths to obtain skills otherwise not available to them.

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